laura_griffawI grew up in a small town in Ohio near Lake Erie. I married my husband right out of high school. From there, we moved to Toledo, OH where I graduated from Lourdes College with a BSN, RN degree, I started working in Labor and Delivery as a nurse.

It wasn’t long after, we welcomed our first child. Although I had much if what I wanted from his birth, I still knew that things could be different/better. We then went on to have our second son. I sought out midwifery care. I had an awesome experience with my midwife turning our prenatal care and birth.

My passion for midwifery care led me to Frontier School of Nurse-Midwifery. It was there that I earned a MSN, CNM. We also welcomed my third child while in school to become a midwife. She was born in water and it was such an empowering birth.

From there I took my passion and worked in a free-standing birth center and private practice in Fort Myers, FL. It was such a life changing experience, but when my family needed me back in Ohio, we returned. I worked in a private practice in Ohio for several years.

I came to Southern Crescent Women’s Healthcare in October 2012. My husband and I wanted to go half-way back to Florida and we fell in love with Peachtree City. I love working for a Christian practice. We are actively involved in our church – Southside. And of course, we drive a golf cart everywhere in town!

I believe women should feel empowered during their birth experience. Part of that empowerment is choosing midwifery care. We have excellent physicians if complications arise. We work together as a team to provide you and your baby the safest care possible.