laura_griffaw_cnmI grew up in the cornfields of NW Ohio. It was there that I met and married my husband. I graduated in 1996 from Lourdes University with my BSN, RN. I always loved working in Labor and Delivery and did so for 8 years.

In 1998, I had my first child. Although I had much of what I wanted from his birth, I knew things could have been different. When I became pregnant with my second son, I sought out midwifery care. I had amazing involvement with my midwife during our prenatal care and delivery. Because of this experience, I followed my passion and attended Frontier School of Nurse- Midwifery.

In 2005, I earned a MSN, CNM and welcomed my third child with a water birth. Her birth was so empowering for me. This is what led me to Fort Myers, FL. It was there that I gained out- of- hospital birth wisdom. I cherish each of the births I attended in Fort Myers; however, I needed to return to Ohio for my extended family. In 2007, I began work in a private practice.

In October 2012, I was drawn to Georgia. We wanted something different. We fell in love with Peachtree City, and our church home.

I have been a member of the SCWH team since our relocation. I believe women should feel empowered during their birth experience. Part of that empowerment is choosing midwifery care. We work together as a team to provide you and your baby the safest care possible.