What Is Centering Pregnancy?

centering_pregnancyCentering Pregnancy is a unique approach to prenatal care. Centering is a group of 8-12 women who are all due in the same month who meet for 10 appointments, just like you would with traditional prenatal care. Centering includes one-on-one private time with one of our Certified Nurse Midwives and group time for discussion about things related to your pregnancy, your baby, labor and delivery, and postpartum. The sessions will include information about nutrition, exercise, stress management, breastfeeding, labor and delivery, and parenting.

There are many of benefits of Centering Pregnancy, like on-time group start and finish, no waiting to check in or check out, and support from other pregnant moms. During Centering, you learn how to care for yourself and your baby by doing things like checking your own blood pressure and weight, then recording it your Centering journal. Each session you will also record your tummy measurements, baby’s heart rate, and your feelings about your pregnancy in your Centering journal. What a great keepsake for you and your baby! Patients who join Centering have been shown to have lower rates of preterm delivery, babies that are healthy weight, and higher breastfeeding rates.

Centering Pregnancy prenatal care is offered in our Fayetteville office and covered by your insurance just like traditional prenatal care visits. Centering Pregnancy appointments scheduled in advance so you make any necessary childcare or work arrangements. Over 95% of women who have tried Centering say they prefer it to individual care.

We are the only private practice South of Atlanta to offer Centering Pregnancy to our patients.

Ask your provider for more information about Centering Pregnancy or learn more online.