Every month, Southern Crescent Women’s Healthcare features one of our team members on our blog. Meet Kimberly Cross, MD, MPH!

Dr. Cross joined Southern Crescent Women’s Healthcare in 2016. She received her medical degree from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and went on to complete her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Washington Hospital Center/Georgetown University Hospital in 2015.

She describes her approach to medicine as, “cura personalis” meaning care of the entire person, as practiced by her alma mater. She says, “I appreciate the unique challenges women in our society face in finding time to care for their own physical, emotional and psychological health.

Dr. Cross wanted to be doctor ever since she was a little girl. Her childhood pediatrician, the late Dr. Berger, who practiced in Buffalo Grove, IL, was one of her inspirations. She loved how Dr. Berger always wore pink lipstick and a pink stethoscope. Today, Dr. Cross wears a pink stethoscope and pink lipstick too, embracing both her professional and feminine sides. Other inspirations were her best friend’s parents, Dr. Albert Brown (Family Medical Doctor) and Dr. Gwendolyn Brown (Dentist). They owned their own joint practice and exposed her to the business of medicine.

Dr. Kimberly Cross will never forget her experience seeing her first live birth. She cried because she was so moved by the beautiful experience. She knew at that moment that she wanted to be an OB, while the doctors around her reminded her, “No tears in a sterile field!” She loves working with her patients in Newnan and Fayetteville.

Some things Dr. Cross’ patients may not know about her is that she played the viola through high school and college and also sings. Her mother, Rev. Dr. Oretha Cross, an African Methodist Episcopal pastor of the Second Episcopal District is her best friend. They are like sisters and talk every day.

She loves Beyoncé, Kate Spade and the color Pink. 🙂

When she is not working for Southern Crescent Women’s Healthcare, Dr. Cross loves spending time with family, being out in nature and traveling.

Her favorite quote is the serenity prayer.